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Let’s start off with our amazing tech department. Here is what they have been up to!

Updated side panel navigation menu:

  • Personal Development Product fully integrated with back office
  • New Back Office Interface updated.
  • Updated Reactivation process. Users are now able to select products on reactivation. Products will reflect what is available in the user’s country of residence
  •  Comp plan database updates. A massive amount of programming logic has been added to the DB to enhance the new Wealth plan display process and accommodate other future enhancements.
  • Phase 1, 2, and 3 of 5 steps of the comp plan have been completed.

Customer Service has been completely revamped and updated.

  • Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base articles (Answers to member questions for self service) rough drafts were completed. Over 40 Articles. They were sent to Roger for review and editing. I received them back and have posted them to our knowledge base.


  • rNetwork 2.0 event was completed after weeks of work. We want to thank everyone for the multiple takes, the effort and the passion to get this done. It was a great event.
  • Email Drip for Pioneer Promo in Spanish and English sent out the Morning following rNetwork 2.0 Event.
  • Text has now been implemented into the marketing system. The first text was sent in Spanish and English to the field promoting the Pioneer Recognition.
  • All Breakout videos were edited from our 2.0 event. In the back office/rTools folder you will find:
    • Full Event 45 min.
    • Shortened Event 20 min.
    • Marketplace Introduction – Audra Hajj
    • Shortened Wealth Plan video
    • Teaser Video
    • 5 Separate comp plan videos focusing on each element of the Wealth Plan. Ed, Scotty, and Troy
    • Income Generator – Roger
    • rNetwork Introduction and Summary Video – Trent Walker
    • Personal Development Video – Thrive15
    • Travel Video – Jon
    • rNetwork Identify Video
  • Brochures updated.
    • Old brochures have been eliminated from rTools.
    • New Wealth Plan brochures have been added.
    • Product package brochure with Wealth Plan created
  • Replicated Website was completely redone so as to tell the story of rNetwork and become a tool for duplication in the field. Shout out to The Myth (Heather) for her great work and patience on this project!
  • New Onboarding step 8 was created, with accompanying product video support.
  • rIgnitor has been completely updated with new video’s and terminology. Quiz questions edited and added. Note: we are excited to be working with sales on a v.3 for rIgnitor. If you haven’t gone through the course and quizzes, take the time and let us know if any suggested edits.
  • Social Media posts for March completed.
  • Newsletter content for February has been completed.
  • IBK was connected to Twillio Text, PlusThis, and Marketing has learned many IBK skills. Special thanks to The Legend (Brandon) for his patience in taking us into new worlds of knowledge.
  • Footers were updated for website and marketplace. We encourage everyone to go click on and read the footers.

Our Marketplace and Product squad has been working overtime.

  • Marketplace 2.0 with the February “Love” theme rocked our world and the world of the Members. The functionality, the silky smooth navigation, the intuitive interface and search put us on the map. A special thanks to the long nights with no sleep that made this possible!! Thank you Jamie, Kevin, and Audra
  • Closed 7 Vendors for rNetwork 2.0
    • My Nutrition Source – Dr Teresa Johnson’s progesterone products
    • Quickergy – energy tablets
    • Vedic biolabs – ayurvedic products India
    • Chaiom teas India
    • Bucked UP – workout supplements
    • LyfeFuel – workout shakes
    • Hydrogenius – premium quality hydrogen generators & ionizers
    • Closed 3 more vendors which we are onboarding now.

Note: We encourage everyone to go check out the products and become familiar with these amazing vendors.

  • Vendor onboarding tutorials. This process is nearly locked down and tutorials created and being created.

Our CEO, Trent Walker has perhaps been the business man in the company. When he is not raising money with all the associated documentation and investor meetings, he was solving everyone’s problems, dealing with vendor issues, working hand in hand with the leadership, providing leadership to them, and answering their questions on WhatsApp.

Trent created the next quarter roadmap and oversaw current company roadmap, helped with the user experience in the marketplace and did all the forecasting, & budgeting for 2021. He oversaw the finances of the company. He reorganized the board and the cap table, developed a rewards program, and more, all this time, staying busy pushing forward his key initiatives, which he has now taken to the finish line.

Walker’s Key Initiatives included:

1. Deliver a succinct vision and focused identity,

2) Deliver a consumer and business model that stands alone independent of the network marketing space.

3) Deliver a compensation plan that allows people to achieve their financial goals at any level (part time or full time entrepreneur

Now, having achieved his key initiatives for the company, he is passing the torch to Troy Muhlestein to be the senior executive of the company. Trent is stepping down as rNetwork’s CEO and will take his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of rNetwork. 


rNetwork Global News Team


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