Hello, my name is Scott Lifer. I’m an ex-commodity trader and corporate burnout, turned entrepreneur but NOT for the reasons most entrepreneurs turn that page. 

You see, about 13 years ago I was “labeled” and put in a pen (like a sheep) of esoteric people defined as “clinically depressed”. Looking back now, I remember the phrasing feeling  like entrapment into a corrupt medical cartel world I knew I was NOT meant for. 

Today, you don’t have to look far to encounter someone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or unexplained brain fog right? You may see that person when you look at those closest to you; your spouse, your sibling, your parent, your child, or you may find that person in the mirror.

Well, over 13 years ago my “diagnosis” came along with prescriptions which spanned 4 classes of VERY dangerous drugs called benzodiazepines and SSRIs.  These are still today prescribed for people who suffer from depression. 

Here is the paradox. Today I head a  cutting-edge healing company that has helped literally thousands get their sanity back. Wake Up Sense Holistic Healing was not started by me to make money, but to stop me from committing suicide. Period. 

In my early forties, I can tell you I had felt every tremble, every emotional brain fog, and every fear you can possibly dream up before I flushed my last psychotropic drug down the toilet in 2007. I quit my corporate job and I looked myself in the mirror and said: “I’m going to get off these meds or I’m going to die trying”.

I was experiencing tremors and mood swings way beyond the normal thresholds for symptoms that corrupt western medicine uses to define and label you as depressed.

So I started researching, documenting, and interviewing doctors who did NOT prescribe, rather used science in healing.  What?  Why on earth were we NOT using

natural healing aids that had been around forever in other countries with modalities like orthomolecular healing? What about tension myositis healing and supplementation that actually heals the damaged cells of the body?  I was floored, pissed off, and more than anything, became  determined to bring these solutions  to those who needed them  most… Everyday, hard-working mainstream folks who quite frankly had been told the lie, just like me, that drugs were the only way.

After countless hours of research, paying over $5000 to a naturopath in India, and running a clinic, I created Wake Up Sense.  This company  was born out of my sheer will to live.  To be a better husband, father, and viable citizen capable of doing good in the world.

What I found and brought to the world is a world of mental health previously covered up specifically to sell more drugs into a system. 

Wake Up Sense was born into reality to save my life. Making the company profitable only became a priority as I realized that I couldn’t continue to bring these solutions to people if my company failed. 

The bottom line is that today in 2021 we have saved countless people from a life of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and their avoidable side effects by providing education, great products, and online programs to empower health


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