Hello, my name is Payalh Agarwwal. I’m an Educationist and an insurance sector burnout turned entrepreneur but not for the reasons most entrepreneurs turn that page. My course correction began with a vision of creating a healthy lifestyle for our country.

 ”EDUCATION IS THE ONLY STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS” I challenged my own limitations with a great punch by starting my own entrepreneurial journey and disrupting the traditional man-dominated business culture. I do not see the same person in the mirror which I used to  before entering into this merry-go-around journey. The mantra which i think has worked for me is, “keep moving on”, to navigate a path that is not as easy as it looks when you start .

Today I head the company “Zolina Express Private Limited’ as the CEO and the founder.   In this role I’ve helped people to know more about tea, its benefits and its bond with our culture and explained to the world the importance of adding tea to their lifestyle. In addition, the company has also given wings to the dreams of many young girls, as I believe that a woman cannot effectively grow individually rather holistically by helping  others. 

In my early days, I had felt every tremble, every  fear, before painting my dreams on  a blank canvas.I quit my hospitality business, moved into a big city like Gurgaon and I promised myself,“I am going to mend all these right and will create a path of success for myself”. Before starting this venture I researched tea and came across the book IKIGAI which has beautifully described the secrets of longevity known by the  Japanese people by adopting tea in their lifestyle and also worked in a tea factory to get practical knowledge about it before starting something of my own.

After a long research process and a lot more practical experience, today I am happy to discuss tea and its medicinal benefits which we all can have by adopting it into our daily routine. Nobody can ever forget the shock of 2020, true the pandemic time which affected everyone around the globe. The situations worsened, causing people to lose the security of their survival. This situation increases the importance of this article as my priority to make everyone aware of the importance of which tea they consume daily.

Tea not only a drink but an emotion which fits in every season, celebration and mood for all of us. A drink which is the integral part of our life and generally mistaken by many of us as a harmful beverage if consumed in more quantity. But as it always said, “little knowledge about anything is harmful, the same goes for the knowledge people have about tea and the perception of it being an unhealthy drink for their lifestyle.

Tea consumption daily isn’t harmful. It is a magical bullet which can be incorporated into  an overall healthy diet with whole grains, fish, fruits and vegetables, and less red and processed meat. Tea contains components which are linked to better health. The major chemicals are polyphenols, in particular catechins and epicatechins. These are enriched in tea, especially green tea.Tea itself appears to have no harmful effects except for a case of the jitters if you drink too much of the caffeinated brew. It fits in perfectly fine with a heart-healthy lifestyle.

It is low in calories and contains a variety of nutrients, including both vitamins and minerals. Tea contains large amounts of folate, choline, and green (but not black) tea contains Vitamin C. It contains potassium, magnesium and a large amount of manganese. According to a review of scientific literature by the Linus Pauling Institute, there is evidence that tea consumption, especially drinking 3 cups daily, provides a small but significant reduction in the risk of heart disease. However, there are still many unanswered questions and conflicting results surrounding tea and heart disease. Chemicals from green tea have been found to prevent the recurrence of the flu virus. It is unclear how much of this effect would translate into drinking tea with antimicrobial effects. Tea disrupts sleep less than coffee, and many teas have a high concentration of L-theanine, which promotes relaxation and plays an important role in sleep. There is evidence that drinking black tea reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Depression is known to have negative effects on the body, and better rest promotes health and well-being

To fortify the immune system of the body my venture provides people with a list of ayurvedic and herbal teas such as the Chaiom Ayurvedic Tea, a blend of Assam black tea with Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, and Brahmi, which is an essential part of your routine diet with immunity booster foods and drinks. 

I believe- “We might change the variety but we won’t change the drink.” – My company is working to provide tasty solutions to all the problems which are being faced by people due to changing surroundings, food habits and other factors.

Enjoy your regular drink with a new health and taste with CHAIOM!!


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