Teresa Roberson, PhD., N.D., C.N.C.

My Nutrition Source

My passion for alternative medicine has spanned over 25 years. My journey began when my mom had her first heart attack in her 40’s. She left the hospital with 5 prescribed drugs and no other information. After that, I went on a mission to find foods and supplements that could strengthen her heart. Once she got on a good nutrition program I saw a definite change in her health with exponential healing of the heart.

It was enlightening to see her improvement and my desire to help others began. I dedicated my time and energy to exploring all aspects of healing through nutrition.

Years later, after receiving my CNC to actually open my own practice in nutrition, I continued my education to receive a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and several years later a PhD in Natural Health. My advanced certification in Biofeedback has also led me into the field of Quantum Physics for stress reduction.

I have had the distinct honor of speaking nationally for many years, including features broadcast over 250 radio stations nationally, being invited to appear on many local news shows throughout the US and International TBN. My specialties include but are not limited to sex hormones, thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases and building a powerful immune system.

Many years ago there was a federally funded study on women utilizing synthetic hormones which was to span a 5 year period. Studies were shut down after only 1 year because of the high rate of women reporting issues and being diagnosed with heart disease, blood clots, strokes, memory issues and breast cancer.

At that time the study was all over the news and on the front of many prominent magazines. I had previously written a book on natural hormone therapy. Bellatude, (meaning beautiful attitude) is an all-natural progesterone cream with no side effects. Bellatude had recently been formulated and launched with strict criteria and guidelines to ensure women would get all the maximum benefits of a stable hormone system. Bellatude literally exploded nationally because women were seeking alternatives to issues like: 

  • WEIGHT GAIN (hips, thighs and stomach)

The results have been nothing short of amazing! Simply put, Bellatude works for thousands of women and is my top selling product.

We also have many other hand-picked 100% natural products for many of your health care needs. Here are a few for your review:

  • Thyroid Synergy– nourishes the thyroid for energy, weight loss and high metabolism
  • Slimber– Targets belly fat.
  • Liver Cleanse– to aid in great liver health.
  • Colon Cleanse and Organic Tri Fiber– for an all-natural support to colon health including constipation and other digestive issues.
  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables– Over 26 fruits and vegetables and phytonutrients to supply the body with fuel, energy and healing.
  • Genesis Factor Colostrum– 30% (the highest immunoglobulins) makes for an incredibly healthy immune system including autoimmune. Top seller for well over 20 years.

And there’s much more to see and come to rNetwork. All of our products are guaranteed, and we know you will love them as much as our customers have over the last 25 years. We understand that your health is important to you and your family. We hope to be your source of better health for years to come.

Thank you rNetwork! We have been searching for years for a home for our incredible wellness products.  We believe we have found a tremendous visionary driven company to expand our future of helping people while giving them hope and success in all aspects of life. We look forward to a bright future of incredible opportunities with a fabulous life full of stamina, vitality and energy. We are looking forward to seeing victory in everything we can accomplish together.


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