Jaime Ferber

Jaime is a Family man before anything else. His life has been dedicated to the women he loves. 

He has been a seasoned networker for over 30 years. Not all have been successful, but Jaime did become 1 of a few top earners in multiple businesses over the years. He has built teams in excess of 20,000 strong and his belief is to leave NO man behind. His family means the world to him and his teams are part of his family. He is relentless on his team building, from 24-hour calls, conference calls or even joining his members in their own homes. Jaime is a LEADER like no other, he takes no credit and relies on his team to be credited with their success. 

Being in the top earner’s arena, Jaime like other successful people was in a 7-figure earning category in 75% of his opportunities. Many of you may have heard of Mona Vie, WOW Mobile, Momentis, CAN and Melaleuca to name a few. 

Jaime has won numerous awards for team leadership and growth in a short time. He believes that rNetwork will be the biggest and best company he has been part of where every person will be earning an income.


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