Jeremy Jenkins

Jeremy Jenkins is a full time dad, husband and church leader. He sometimes takes time out to be a Network Marketing Professional. He has a passion for growing himself as a leader, consulting and coaching people on how to get back their time and freedom.

Jeremy is the founder of the KaizeNetwork group which is based on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen which seeks continuous improvement in all aspects of life.

He created KaizeNetwork in 2009 and since then has more than 100,000 subscribers to his monthly Kaizen newsletter.

He has been instrumental in helping companies open markets all over the world and has helped build downlines into the hundreds of thousands with millions of dollars in monthly sales volume over the last two decades.

Jeremy has achieved great success as a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and as a leader in his various online network marketing endeavors and loves to share all he has learned in both English and Spanish with anyone willing to be taught.


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