John Stahl

rNetwork….” The Ride of a Lifetime.”

Hi, my name is John Stahl, from Atlanta Georgia, and I am honored to say I’m a Charter Member of the rNetwork the FinTech Company of the future. A company that has found out where the World is going and has gotten there first with a mission of Losing Ourselves for the Betterment of Others. Empowering Principals that were written and achieved by our amazing Founders.  

Prior to joining the rNetwork I was looking for a new possibility where everyone could start dreaming and hoping once again like never before.  A gift that has been lost for so many unfortunately until now replaced with an epidemic of Stress and Anxiety.  I have spent more than half my life in Corporate America at various Companies with tremendous success for most of my tenure as well as serving and protecting Our Blessed Country as a member of the United States Marine Corps.  Both of which I am extremely proud and honored to have had the chance to serve.

With that said like many of you I am driven and very busy trading valuable time for income.  And ultimately building other family’s retirement and income portfolios at the expense of our own.  With over 20 years in the Networking Industry in various levels of leadership, and success I was at the time sitting on the sidelines because I felt that the industry was self-centered and misled.  I thought to myself there has got to be a better option where we could right size this incredible industry and allow the possibility where everyone can win with products and services that have been proven and accepted Globally.  A company where members get paid to help others save and where everyone can qualify for residual income day one without the burden of purchasing volumes of products or services on a monthly schedule.  That’s a Win in my eyes and a Game Changer!

Welcome to the rNetwork the “Chance of a Lifetime” with an incredible outlook and future where everyone can Win and not only have a Life but more importantly Own their Life.  Where you now have the option to either save money, make money, or both as an rNetwork FANN or Charter Member. This just made sense and was the Answer that I was looking for.  Once I received the call within hours, I had my T3 status and within a few days achieved my 10 in The PEN achieving the elite status of founder and Shareholder.  This has changed my life along with many others in a way I had only dreamed of where I can say I own my time, and more importantly my Life.  We have members that are making full time incomes on a monthly basis building their Retirement!

Now is the time to join this amazing journey with the rNetwork and be a part of a historic movement that is taking the World by storm and disrupting the industry.  Creating a Legacy for future generations, where you can be in Business for yourself but not by yourself.


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