Jon McKillip

Why is Business so important to the ultimate life?

For most people business is a large part of their individual lives and it is important that it’s flexible to schedule around our personal and family needs

Most people do not enjoy what they do to earn a living. Taking the time to pinpoint your passions and earning a living at the same time around those passions is a core ingredient to living the Ultimate Life.

What is rNetwork’s goal concerning Business for individuals?

rNetwork is helping individuals reach for their dreams and live in a limitless business opportunity. We are dedicated to providing the tools and knowledge needed for business, allowing each Charter Member to be as successful as they choose.

What is one piece of advice that could really make a difference?

If you want to live your best possible life, you have to become the master of your fear. Fear will stop you from going after what you want. If you let fear rule your life, it will kill your creativity, your confidence, and your ability to attract the things you want.

But this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it. In fact, we need some fear to keep us safe. However, if you want to create your ultimate life, you have to learn how to live with fear and not let it run your life.


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