Jon McKillip – CRO

It is exciting to see the rNetwork vision coming into clarity. As you are aware, we gave you a sneak peek into our new Travel Program as well as the introduction of rBucks.

We’ve only shared one small piece of our new Travel Program and we’re excited to share the rest very soon. As you saw, our Hotel and Resort nightly rates can be anywhere between 10% to as much as 45% savings when compared to the online published rates of Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and other well know online travel platforms.

You also saw the introduction of rBucks which is a currency that allows you to buy down the nightly rates at hotels and resorts around the world. You can earn this currency multiple ways and it is a dollar for dollar value for you to use whenever you want as there is no expiration on your rBucks. The more you earn the more you can save.

And finally, you saw us extend the Power10/Stock Option Promotion allowing you to own a piece of rNetwork through your hard work and success.


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