My Personal Discovery of a Most Remarkable Product

By profession, I’m an Astronautical and Mechanical engineer. However, during the past thirty-five years I’ve devoted myself to the science of water chemistry and water treatment. My brother and I were among the early developers of Reverse Osmosis technology and its hundreds of applications.

As a result of poor health in my late teens, my curiosity led to the nutritional advice of the early natural health writers of the 60’s and 70’s (Adele Davis, Paavo Airola) and I never looked back. The success of applying what I learned resulted in alternative healing and a natural lifestyle becoming a parallel life pursuit.

Several strangely miraculous personal healing experiences into the 1990’s further motivated me to advance my interest in health sciences. In late 2003 I was involved in water projects in Brazil and became sick with severe gastroenteritis due to the unsanitary eating conditions in the small village I lived in. Like an unexpected heavenly apparition, a local carpenter I knew handed me a package of six glass ampoules of “seawater”, claiming it would quickly eliminate my affliction. “This is our doctor.” he said. The “seawater” had become popular in remote villages for managing health problems because qualified doctors were few and far between. I dismissed it at first but I blindly followed his instructions out of desperation, planning to leave for Rio de Janeiro the following morning. By midnight, my ill feelings were a memory.

I returned to the carpenter for more magic seawater. I would add it to my supplement pantry. He encouraged me to meet with the biologist in Rio de Janeiro who imports the seawater from Spain, but it wasn’t until months later that I acted on it. Some meeting it was, for he started by taking me back to the discovery of Rene Quinton in 1897 and led me up to the present clinical use in Brazil – a jaw-dropping experience. I left his home at 6AM the following morning convinced I had uncovered one of the great secrets of history – Original Quinton Marine Plasma – and it was virtually unknown except in Europe.

More than a year later, after observing the amazing work that was being done in Brazil with Quinton Marine Plasma, I was invited to introduce it to doctors in America and seek out a health products distribution company. I took this mission very responsibly because I knew the extraordinary capabilities this would offer to US practitioners. The multifunctional mechanisms and effective nature of Quinton Plasma was ready to make its remarkable properties known in America.

In 2005 I somewhat naively attended the huge Expo West health exposition looking for worthy distributors. I encountered, quite serendipitously, a gentleman with twenty-five highly successful years in the health products distribution business. We immediately connected because, of all possible coincidences, he was born in Brazil into one of its most prominent families. I told him about my interesting experience in Brazil and his response was that he could not believe such a formidable 105+ year-old health product could have escaped his searching. He asked to try it for several weeks on both himself and with a couple of his doctor acquaintances.

I shipped him a supply of Quinton Plasma ampoules and all the historical and application information that was available. Two weeks passed and no response. Oh well, I thought, he is used to so many health products to evaluate. But, the following day he called and what he said was music to my ears – however it was only half of the surprise.

“I don’t think you really understand what you have here. If there was ever a Holy Grail of my twenty-five year health career, this is the only product that would qualify. Your QMP has opened not only my eyes but those of the doctors I asked to explore its capabilities. We need to talk.”

It was the encore that I was not ready for – talk about being caught off guard. In our meeting several days later he told me that he was not in need of any more financial opportunity in life and was going to focus on his lifelong dream of music recording and production. He also insisted that it was my spiritual destiny for having received this gift, to be the caretaker of this product in introducing it in North America and beyond. I told him that’s all well and good, but not only am I unqualified,t I am officially retired and work far too much already teaching water technology. Moreover, I made it clear that I also have other life pursuits. To make a long story short, he wouldn’t accept my argument and offered to help put the whole infrastructure together just to say he was part of it.

I left feeling defeated in my search for a distributor but to avoid any further suspense, I accepted shortly after in a moment of “enlightened insanity”. Was I prepared to repeat the last twenty years of my career in breaking new ground for humanity” sake?

I have been introducing Quinton Plasma very intently into a wide variety of channels ever since. After all, Quinton Plasma had one of the oldest and longest entries in the French VIDAL (the physician’s PDR equivalent). Quinton Plasma is harvested from pristine open-ocean plankton blooms, processed under pharmaceutical guidelines and packaged exactly to the same protocol Rene Quinton specified in 1897.

Since those initial years of bringing marine plasma to North America and introducing this unique gift of health to the world, I have been involved in bringing other anti-aging discoveries to market.  Molecular hydrogen tablets, Quinton, and Deuterium depleted water are just a few of the advanced biohacks I have had a hand in.  We are blessed to bring these discoveries to the forefront of consciousness. But remember, it all starts with clean water!

Be well,
Robert Slovak
CEO Water and Wellness 


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