New Tools

We have an amazing new orientation and training program called the rNetwork Ignitor! Every Charter Member that signs up for rNetwork will experience this fun training.

We have developed this fun and interactive training program to help your new Charter Members start off with a bang. There are 7 lessons that teach the vision and mission of rNetwork, introduce you to some of the founders, orient your new team members to their new back office and marketing tools, and in short get them started off on the right foot in rNetwork.

The new charter members in your team will receive a reminder email every day for each new lesson. There is a fun, interactive quiz at the end of each lesson. Some of the answers are meant to be informative, and some will just make you laugh. In the very near future, we will be providing you with a dashboard so that you can see how your team is progressing through the lessons. 

The better they understand rNetwork, the better team mate they will be for you.

And it is available to you too. Every member has access to this 7 day boost program right from their back office. Just click on the logo and you are in. 


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