Roger Taylor

Achieving your goals and living your dream life is like an elephant, big and intimidating. Most people do not live the life of their dreams because they get overwhelmed and discouraged by the size of the task. But those who have achieved the Ultimate Lifestyle know a simple secret that we have all heard hundreds of times…you can’t eat the whole elephant in one bite, just eat one bite at a time.

rNetwork is about upgrading your life to the Ultimate Lifestyle. It’s about taking small steps every day in each of the core life categories, Health, Wealth, Personal Development and Business.

Most people have no idea what exactly personal development is and they don’t have a clear plan for it. It is continual learning. If you ignore or you don’t consciously make plans for improvement, you may eventually wake up one day and discover that you’re living a life that you don’t like and it’s too late to change.

This is why personal development is important. You only live once, so you want to make sure you are living a life worth living. You don’t want to wake up at age 65 and find you have wasted decades on living someone else’s life, never having lived your own dreams.

One of the most important values at rNetwork is our personal development focus. Most of you are aware of the importance we place on health and wealth balance. But you are not truly in full balance until you have your health, wealth and personal development moving from bad to good to great. 

rNetwork is going to do the work for you in this category, this coming month, you will see major resources in the personal development category, videos, talks, experts in all fields, articles, inspirational stories and more.

But do you know about the wealth of personal development resources you already have in your monthly package?

Where are they you might ask?  In your Truconnect by TV.FIT App. (Android and iOS)

My personal challenge to all of you this month is to download the app and read 10 minutes a day from one of the eBooks that catch your attention.

Decrease your social media consumption by 15 min per day and use that 15 min a day to better yourself. 365 days a year is over 90 hours over the next year of filling your brain with great things!

Your Ultimate Life is created by eating your elephant one bite at a time.


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