Roger Taylor

Your obsessions become your possessions!

Good things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who HUSTLE!

The one thing I have learned in my life over the years is that MASSIVE SUCCESS is reserved for Hustlers! Hustlers have these 5 characteristics.

  1. The focus on building a network (this goes for any business, but is directly relevant to your rNetwork business success).
  2. They genuinely care about people. 
  3. They fail, recover, learn, fail, regroup until they succeed.
  4. They dream enormously BIG.
  5. They are crazy focused 24/7.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for opportunities to fall in their lap. They go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN. They are difference-makers, first in their own life, then in others.

First, make a difference in your own life. Get your well-being in order. Health is wealth. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Your body is your life. It is what hugs your family and pushes the keyboard at work. It is what helps the homeless and coaches the kids. It is what earns, learns and lives. Every single day of your life you must invest in your body. We are all in need of improved health and wellness. The world community needs healing. Together we are creating a better way of healing.

Then start Earning! Money is freedom. Making money is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Don’t play small, create multiple streams of passive income. Make money every day. Get paid every day. Your financial success is 110% on your shoulders. Learn to earn and earn big. Together we are creating a better way of earning.

Improving daily is the next key. Learning is a superpower. What you expose your mind to you become. It creates your thoughts, which create your words, which create your actions and your habits, which then create your destiny.  Our minds are in need of constant nourishment. If you feed it garbage, your destiny is garbage. If you feed it a diet of actionable knowledge, your destiny is your dreams. Together we are creating a better way of learning. 

Finally start Living. Living is more than existing, it is sucking the marrow out of every day. You can love fully, follow your heart’s desire, expand your comfort zone, experience a world with no limits. You become a discoverer and adventurer in life. With health, income and knowledge, you can truly live your passions. Together we are creating the Ultimate Life.

This is the #1 component to becoming a successful hustler — MASSIVE ACTION!

If you are struggling to reach the next level in any area of your life, you are most likely falling short in one of these areas. Ask yourself:

Have you surrounded yourself with the RIGHT people to help you win?

Are you pursuing your goal with a genuine desire to help and serve others?

Are you holding back for fear of failing?

Are you letting yourself get distracted by stuff that doesn’t matter?

Are you dreaming BIG enough?

Are you developing your 4 cores daily?

Your Ultimate Life is created by diving in head first and throwing caution to the wind.

Hustlers understand that their Obsessions become their Possessions. Obsess over networking, caring, taking action, focusing, dreaming and living your 4 cores. Do the work and make your own luck! Your Ultimate Life is waiting beyond these doors and you have the keys.


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