Roger Taylor – CMO

I’m a sailor at heart and have long had a dream of sailing around the world with my wife. The biggest sail you can make is across the Pacific Ocean, from Panama to French Polynesia. I recently spoke to a friend and his wife who had done it in the past year and as they shared their experiences with me, it was surprising to see the parallels that their journey had with the journey that you and I are on with rNetwork. 

They were crystal clear on their destination and in perfect conditions had charted a 21-day course. But because they knew that they would be subject to wind and weather that was not predictable that far in advance, they packed 31 days of food, plus fishing gear to extend the food supply if needed. Although they had the latest GPS, weather, and wave prediction technology, they were met with challenges that they did not foresee. For the first week, they stayed very close to their plotted course, but on day 8, they were forced to sail off course to avoid a storm system. This created a new course for the rest of their journey. On day 13 their freezer quit working and they lost a great deal of food to spoil. Meal plans changed and fishing became an every morning activity for hours.  The predicted winds changed unexpectedly to the Northeast for 4 days which made for more difficult sailing and delayed their arrival as they were forced to “tack” (zigzag) against the wind.  

With huge smiles and excitement, they shared their experiences of how they overcame obstacles, weather, food shortage, seasickness, and more. You could literally feel their enthusiasm and love for their adventure.  

At rNetwork, the destination has always been clear. We have a north star that we have never lost sight of, our GPS. We are building a worldwide referral community focused on effecting the core of people’s lives by spreading income throughout the community when members engage in the quality products and services they need and desire to enhance their everyday lives. A community where we are united in a common goal of increasing our quality of life by increasing our health, wealth, and personal freedom through what we are all building together at rNetwork. 

Like my sailing friends, we have had to veer off course a little bit at times, we have had to zigzag through difficult winds that delayed reaching our destination, and we have had obstacles that have forced us to adapt, improvise and overcome. The course has not been a straight line. It has been an adventure and one we will all share with big smiles and enthusiasm once the destination is reached.  And right now, we are starting to hit some smooth sailing at rNetwork. 

There is a spirit of change, excitement, and momentum in the air at rNetwork. Charter Members around the globe are feeling it. The Participation Marketplace®️ is growing and people are gravitating toward the marketplace where the consumer participates in the profits rather than the corporation. Best of all, there is a new sense of community growing at rNetwork. With all the division in the world, rNetwork is becoming a gathering place for unification. 

And everyone reading this is in at the ground level of this opportunity. The big swell is on its way. I’m so excited and happy for everyone who has caught the vision and made the decision to join before rNetwork really takes flight. Your families and teams are going to have quite a story to tell from a place of financial freedom. 

There is so much change going on at rNetwork that you won’t even recognize her by the end of the year. Change for the better. Change that has been a long time coming. From the Participation Marketplace®️ to the rNetwork shopping experience, to our Health and Financial vertices and to your team building tools, the winds are blowing directly at our destination.  

I feel privileged to be on this journey with all of you and am honored to work with all of you. And remember, “smooth seas do not make skilled sailors.”

Roger Taylor,
CMO rNetwork


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