Trent Walker

Why is wealth so important to the ultimate life?

According to recent statistics, less than 5% of people with today’s current economics (cost of living vs salary/reduction in pensions and other fixed retirement vehicles) will be financially stable by age 65. That is a depressing projection indeed. But why does financial stability or wealth matter?

Wealth is important, not for wealth’s sake but for the flexibility, peace of mind and freedom it offers. Money gives you more options and choices in life. It allows you to make decisions and choose what you want, when you want, wherever you want, so you can live life on your own terms. It provides a settling that allows you to focus on the truly important things in your life, like health and relationships.

What is rNetworks goal concerning wealth for individuals?

We want to provide a vehicle for people to achieve whatever level of wealth they desire. We do this through the products we offer, like rNetwork Financial Academy and the business opportunity associated with being an rNetwork Charter Member. Our job, as we see it, is to provide the tools, products, and support necessary to help our members reach whatever goals they have set.  

My personal desire is that every member of rNetwork can build a business on our platform and engage in our products in a way that moves them to pure financial freedom, where they never have to worry about a pay-check, they feel like they are in control of their own future and have flexibility to work from where and when they want. We envision a company that creates wealth that can be passed down through generations. However, like any other venture or product purpose it is only as good for someone as the effort they are willing to put forth NOW for future stability and freedom.

What is one piece of advice that could really make a difference?

I have never had success or seen someone have success when they hesitate. I have had many successes in my life (sports, military, and business) and plenty of failures. Looking back my biggest failures (sometimes with devastating consequences) have always been due to a failure to act decisively. As I now tell my son on the football field, make a decision, make it quick and go in 100%. Life rewards those who are decisive and hold to their decisions.


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