Trent Walker – CEO

Dear rNetwork family,

The world has changed in many ways in the last few months during the pandemic. Purely brick-and-mortar businesses were already declining and with COVID this decline has accelerated. The post-COVID consumer has changed and there is no way back from this. Consumers are not going back. Businesses are not going back to normal.

The way I see it is that we must view business through the lens of opportunity, not frustration.

rNetwork is differentiating itself on three key components;

1) The membership base will earn on the activity of the community.

2) We will not put any product in the community/ marketplace that has not been screened for QUALITY.

3) We will be product agnostic so members and FANNs can make decisions.

I see the future clearly and based on the outside shifting landscape and different internal lens this is the future for us and all our Charter Members.

As always October is bringing lots of great value and amazing resources for our members as part of the rNetwork vision. I’m excited to announce the launch of rNetwork Travel Club and rBucks. This is sure to revolutionize the way you travel. Additionally we have updated the commission payout system and added some great new options.

We are constantly assessing rNetwork to see what’s working and what isn’t. rNetwork is built around its community. We are always listening to what matters to our members. And so it is that we’ve resolved the payment issues with rNetwork India and introduced a robust new payment provider.

rNetwork is focusing on 4 core areas to build the Ultimate Lifestyle for our charter members: Health, Wealth, Personal Development, and Business. Stay with rNetwork to get the best value in all these areas.

Thank you for being part of the rNetwork community.

Trent Walker

CEO rNetwork


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