Trent Walker – CEO

Dear Members of the rNetwork family,

I’m pleased to inform you that rNetwork is growing and speedily realizing our larger vision of empowering individuals and communities by bringing them greater freedom, success, and wellbeing. In this regard we have introduced programs that align with our vision and mission. Among these I’m particularly excited about the successful roll outs of rFinancial Academy and TV.FIT! It feels great to be able to support our members in pursuing their financial and wellness goals.

I thank my executive and management team for their hard work and dedication to increasing value across the board. A huge shout out to all Charter Members. July has seen the largest growth in all of 2020 and August is shaping up to be the largest month in the history of the company. Great job charter members!

We are just coming out of our 60-day value creation initiative and I’m happy to share that we have packed more value into the monthly membership package with even more new products and services coming this month.

Our next initiative is focused on enhancing the Charter Member user experience in The Participation Marketplace™ back office with new and enhanced marketing tools.

I want to share a quote that is guiding my efforts for this next initiative of rNetwork.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  – Socrates

So here’s to the spirit of change and growth.