Troy Muhlestein – CCO

rNetwork Family,

In my new role of Chief Commercial Officer, I wanted to share my vision of the company and specifically the role of The Participation Marketplace™ within that vision. 2 years ago we set out to create a company that offered a true and unique opportunity to its members and quickly realized that it was so much more than that. You see, rNetwork is more than a company…it is a community. Think about the communities that you belong to. It is where you live, become educated, engage with friends and families and where you transact most all of your life’s needs and wants. We see rNetwork as the community and within the community is The Participation Marketplace™ where our members purchase the products and services that enhance their lives. Every time a transaction occurs…the community benefits and becomes stronger. I am overwhelmed by the thought of what we can accomplish together as we all contribute to and participate in ourNetwork. Our job is to exponentially expand The Participation Marketplace™ so that more and more our members can redirect their spending to the community. Your job is to help us grow the member base and together we can change our world.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

Troy Muhlestein

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer